Being an Engineer is great – if you see a problem, you can build a solution. You can find some products I have developed below.

Task Visualiser

Projects, no matter how small have dependencies. I couldn’t find a way to visualise dependencies for my JIRA projects so I created a tool, the Task Visualiser, to do it. It works with both JIRA and Trello.

Stop the Spread

A coding challenge where you must work to stop the spread of infection by building barriers. The challenge is a fully integrated environment where the challenger can write and test their code, no external tools required.

Job Finder

Filtering through hundreds of jobs just to find the ones that match your skillset can be time consuming.

For example, within Software Engineering, granted you can work well in a team, job suitability seemingly comes down to skills and experience. However, job platforms struggle to filter opportunities based on this criteria and as a result, fail to bring the jobs that hit your sweet-spot to the top of the pile.

I’ve created a prototype that could significantly reduce the time spent searching for a job and ensure you’re applying for those jobs that are most suitable to you.

Within this prototype, REED provide the jobs dataset and the Stack Overflow Developer Survey provides a list of skills (trending technologies).

Let’s build something together.